Educational Fiber Components

IF-C-FOR: Magic Optic Rock (TV Stone)

Nature created its own fiber optic material long before scientists even dreamed of today's highly refined optical fiber. It is a rare, naturally occuring mineral called ulexite. The stones are composed of thousands of tiny, parallel, hairlike crystals that transfer an image just like the coherent faceplates and light guides described elsewhere in this catalog. Ulexite often is known by the name of TV stone because of its image-transferring properties. Stones are approximately 1/2 inch (13 mm) thick and 3/4 x 3/4 inches (19 x 19mm) across the face.

Fluorescent Fiber Kit

Demonstrate the properties of fluorescence in a single kit. For demonstrating the light guiding properties of optical fiber without messy powers or liquids. Fluorescent material is embedded in plastic optical fiber for easy and safe use. Includes lengths of red and green fluorescent fiber and clear undoped fiber.


IF-FGB: Fiber Assortment Kits

An economical assortment of six different types of fibers that would be very costly if purchased individually. Assortment may include glass fibers, jacketed and unjacketed plastic fibers, multi-fiber light guides and coherent fiber bundles. An exceptional value!

IF-FGB2 (see below):

Twelve different types of fibers and samples like those in the kit above (described below), plus the addition of fluorescent fibers, fiber optic "TV" stone and coherent light guides.

IF-53883: Optical Sample Kit

A kit expressly created for teachers wanting to demonstrate fiber optics in a classroom and anyone beginning to experiment or develop fiber optics products. Each kit contains an assortment of fiber core diameters and construction. The Optical Sample Kit whose contents are listed below includes fibers and fiber lengths commonly used for illumination projects and model airplane, auto and railroad building.

Jacketed Unjacketed
Diameter Length (m) Diameter Length (m)
1000 µm dia.
1500 µm dia.
2000 µm dia.
16 x 165 µm bndl
32 x 265 µm bndl
48 x 265 µm bndl
64 x 265 µm bndl
250µm dia.
500µm dia.
750 µm dia.

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