Fiber Optic Courses

IF-SC10: Intermediate Fiber Optic Classroom and Lab Course
IF-SC10-INS: Instructor's Edition

An intermediate fiber optics curriculum, for vocational and trade schools, industrial arts and university levels. Courses can be tailored in length from 10 to 15 weeks. Recommended prerequisites: a basic understanding of electronics and mathematics. Course includes a text for classroom or lecture, lab course containing a comprehensive series of student experiments, and lab kit with all required components.

Part One of the classroom text places fiber optics into perspective as a transmission medium and describes its advantages over other media. Part Two examines fiber sources, detectors, and connectors, in contrast to the distinctly different characteristics of their electronic counterparts. Part Three explains in detail how fiber optic systems are designed and assembled. It covers link system design, installation, special fiber optic hardware, applications and equipment.

("Instructor's Edition" contains the items pictured above, plus answer guides for text and lab manual, samples of different types of optical cable, image guides, LEDs and detectors.)

IF-MC10: Fiber Optic Minicourse
IF-MC10-INS: Instructor's Edition

A short course covering the basic concepts of fiber optic communications and industrial applications, intended as a supplement to other more general electronics classes. Class length is variable, to meet instructors' time constraints: five to ten 1-hour periods, plus two 2-hour experimental sessions.

The course begins with "The History of Fiber Optics," followed by sections describing fiber optic communications systems and their individual components. Also included are a list of additional reading references and a helpful fiber optic glossary. Experimental sessions involve students in assembling and testing a fully functional fiber optic digital communication link with separate transmitter and receiver modules

Course comes complete with a full-color classroom manual and kit containing all required electronic components, including printed wiring boards, fiber optic LED, photodetector and cable. No prior fiber optics experience or special tools are needed for assembly and demonstration.

(The "Instructor's Edition" contains the items above, plus an additional reference book, answer guide, lecture file of figures and experiments, assortment of optical cable, image guides, LEDs and detectors.)


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