Fiber Optic Communications and Networking Module


Versatile curriculum format (metric and SAE dimensions)

10 comprehensive and challenging activities

Full-color student and instructor manuals

Completely self-contained curriculum

Curriculum pretest and post test

Instructor's manual with color-coded answer sheets

Solid-state, low profile, surface-mount transceivers with audio and video transmission capabilities

Low-voltage transceiver operation with optical detection

Multiplexed switching input/output transceiver

Low-power LED technology for safety

Three transmit wavelength operation

(The Communications and Networking Module shown above comes complete with three fiber optic wide-bandwidth video transceivers, 110 Vac-to-12 Vdc power adapters*, 15 2-meter 1000µm core plastic fibers, 15 fiber splices, 30 ST® fiber connectors, crimping tool for splices and connectors, 40µm and 3mm polishing film, optical inspection scope, index-matching gel, DC motor, optical multiplexer, fiber cutter, polishing plate, polishing slurry, ST barrel connector, 1 x 2 fiber star coupler; 1, 3, and 10-meter fiber optic cables, fiber optic multy-meter, two dynamic microphones, two AM/FM radios, scale, infrared indicator card, coax cable, hot knife and stand, Micro-strip fiber stripper, four ounces isopropyl alcohol, photonics wall chart, two Fiber Optic Reference Guides, two permanently bound student manuals and an instructor's manual in a sturdy 3-ring binder).
*220 Vac adapters will be furnished upon request.

IF-527: Fiber Optic Communications & Networking Module
IF-120265: Student Manual
IF-120260: Teacher's Manual
IF-529: Fiber Optic Video Transceiver

15 2-meter 1000 µm core plastic fibers, 15 fiber splices, 30 ST® fiber connectors, 40 µm and 3 mm polishing film

IF-528: Consumables Kit

The Fiber Optic Communications and Networking Module is Industrial Fiber Optics' newest fiber optic technology module. It's a 10-activity, intermediate-level product developed for teaching at a higher level than other modules, emphasizing fiber optic communications and networking technology. The curriculum addresses the most recent advances in the rapidly changing fiber communications and networking technology fields. Curriculum subjects include:

Fundamentals of fiber optic technology

Optical fiber manufacture

Optical fiber construction: single- and multi-mode

Dispersion and attenuation

Fiber cable comparisons

Generation III fiber connection technology

Fusion splicing techniques

Fiber couplers and optical power splitters

Wavelength division multiplexing

Fiber optic tools, testing and test equipment

The module curriculum guide is a comprehensive manual comprising 10 exciting activities, with technical reading assignments for each. Accompanying Fiber Optic Reference guides contain 14 chapters with several hundred illustrations in 199 pages. An extensive list of references and a working glossary of fiber optic terms are included. Each activitiy features:

Real-world applications

Hands-on working experience and experiments with fiber optics and associated components

Problem solving and student worksheets

Homework assignments and investigative research

Web fiber optic tours and projects

Hands-on experiments and networking activities include:

Color picture with sound signals over fiber

Optical fiber characterization

Losses in optical fiber

Fiber optic switching networks

Optical and electrical multiplexing

Fiber termination polishing and splicing

Infrared light conversion

Use of fiber optic couplers (splitters)


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