Fiber Optic LEDs and Photodetectors

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All devices in this product line are designed for use with industry-common "1.0mm" or "1000µm" core jacketed plastic fiber optic cable. Typical fiber cable has a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) core, thin fluorinated polymer cladding layer and at least one jacket, which results in an overall diameter of 2.2mm. Jacket material varies with application, with polyethylene and poly vinyl chloride being the most common.

Compared to many other fiber optic LEDs and photodetectors on the market, Industrial Fiber Optics devices are unique because they require no fiber connector or ferrule, nor do they require a polishing procedure. No connector means reduced installation cost for user. To prepare a fiber, simply cut the fiber squarely with our cutter (IF-FC1).

This product family contains 17 different devices--10 LEDs and eight photodectors. Each device consists of a precision-molded PBT housing and cinch nut with an internal active element such as an LED or photodetector. The PBT housing holds the active element and optimizes the physical and optical connection between the optical fiber core and the active component. The cinch nut holds the fiber in place without requiring the expense and labor of a fiber connection or termination.


Local Area Networks (LANs)

Electric Cars

PC-to-Peripheral Data Link

Digitized Video

Robotics Communications

Household Appliances

Motor Control Triggering

Optical Networks

Medical Instruments

Automotive Electronics

Audio Systems

Electronic Games

Educational Projects

Reduction of Lightning and Voltage Transient Susceptibility

Intra-Systems Links: Board-to-Board, Rack-to-Rack


Mates with Standard, 1000µm Core, Plastic Fiber Cable

Requires No Optical Design

Internal Micro-Lens for Efficient Coupling

Inexpensive Plastic Connector Housing

Connector-Less Interface

Interference-Free Transmission from Light-Tight Housing

Simple Fiber Termination and Connection

Rugged Screw Attachment


Component Selection Guide: LEDs



tr1 tf1 Distance (m) General Comments or Applications
950 40 100 1.0 µs 1.0 µs <10 Lowest cost device in portfolio for short distance applications
870 30 200 7 ns 7 ns <10 Lowest cost high electrical bandwidth device
430 65 25 .5 µs .5 µs <50 Blue light for sensor applications in a convenient package
470 25 75 .6 µs .6 µs <50 Blue light for sensor applications in a convenient package
530 50 95 3.5 ns 16 ns <150 Longest distance, since PMMA fiber has very low attenuation at 530 nm
660 20 125 .1 µs .1 µs <75 Lowest cost visible red LED device in portfolio
660 40 250 .5 µs .5 µs <100 High power red LED for low data rates
650 20 200 8 ns 8 ns <654 High power, fast electrical switching times for 50 Mbps applications
650 10 700 3.5 ns 3.5 ns <1005 Very high power device for 100 Mbps LAN applications

1Optical power measured from the end of a 1mm core plastic fiber 1m long, NA=.47 and LED IF=20 mA.
2Rise and fall times are measured from the 10% to 90% and 90% to 10% points
3Exact operating distance depends on the photodetector selected and in some cases the electrical bandwidth of a accompanying circuits. These distances are to be used for relative distance comparisons.
4Distance when mated with the IF-D97 photologic detector.
5When matched with the IF-D98 photologic detector.

Component Selection Guide: Photodetectors

Type tr1 tf1 tb Responsivity2 Threshold3 General Comments or Applications
Diode 5 ns 5 ns N/A 1.2 µA/µW N/A Highest electrical bandwidth device suitable for analog/digital applications
Transistor 20 µs 20 µs N/A 50 µA/µW N/A Lowest cost, simplest to use photodetector
Darlington 5 ms 2.5 ms N/A 200 µA/µW N/A Highest responsivity linear detector in portfolio
Logic 70 ns 70 ns 8.0 µs N/A 1.0 µW
-30 dBm
Totem-pole output device for data rates up to 150 kbps
Logic .1 µs .1 µs 8l0 µs N/A 1.0 µW
-30 dBm
Identical to IF-D95T except with open collector output

65 ns N/A 3.5 µW
-24.5 dBm
Open-collector output device for data rates up to 5 Mbps
Logic 7 ns 7 ns 12 ns N/A 17 µW
-17.5 dBm
Totem-pole output device for data rates up to 55 Mbps
Logic 3.5 ns 3.5 ns 6 ns N/A 6.3 µW
-22 dBm
Device suitable for data rates up to 155 Mbps5

1Rise times and fall times are measured from the 10% to 90% and 90% to 10% points, respectively.
2Optical power measured from polished end of 1000 µm plastic optical fiber connected to Helium Neon laser producing radiation at 632.8 nm in wavelength.
4Threshold is the optical power that the photologic switches from a low to high, or from high to low.
5This device has internal gain control circuitry that makes it unsuitable for applications under 4 Mbps

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