Laser Receiver and Videos

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IF-513: Laser Audio Receiver
IF-LSL-2: Receiver, Power Adapter & Dynamic Microphone

Receiver for detecting light from any visible or infrared laser beam and converting modulated light signals to sound. Features:

110 Vac operation

100mm (4 in.) internal speaker

Adjustable volume control

100 to 15kHz detection frequency range


IF-VR: NTSC (Composite) Video

Receiver for decoding IR and visible light beams to industry-standard NTSC video. Features:

Internal automatic gain control

Wide optical dynamic range

75ohm output impedance

Matched physically to IF-VL nd IF-UL lasers

See-through, impact-resistant blue acrylic case

110 Vac operation

IF-VRII: RF Video Receiver

Receiver for decoding IR and visible light beams to industry-standard RF video. Features:

Wide optical dynamic range

75 ohms output impedance

Matched physically to IF-UL laser

See-through, impact-resistant blue acrylic case

110 Vac operation


Laser Videos and CDs
Laser Technology: Changing Daily Life, Forging New Opportunities

150029: VHS (NTSC)
150030: CD-ROM

A perfect complement for technician training, introductory optics courses, public awareness, this 42-minute video traces the short but fast-paced history of the laser, with an exciting visual depiction of laser applications. High school and post-secondary students will learn the characteristics of diode, solid state and gas lasers, and the properties that make them useful in a variety of applications, including telecommunications, entertainment, biomedicine, and the military. Video footage was collected from pioneers in laser applications, and over 25 industrial corporations.

Topics include:

historical background of the laser

properties of light

description of main laser types

laser applications


career opportunities

Lasers As A Tool
150012 (Video Only)

Lasers are important and fascinating tools. Applications for lasers will continue to expand. Learn how a laser works and see the different types of lasers and their applications. The video was developed for the Optical Society of America.

Lasers: What is a Laser and How Does it Work?

Laser Applications: Fiber Optics • Printing • Scanners • Compact Disc Players • Entertainment (Laser Light Shows) • Manufacturing • Construction • Cutting • Engraving • Medical • Laser Spectroscopy • Laser Radar • Laser Fusion

Video length: 21 minutes


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