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(Photometer comes complete with storage container, metal optical stand for the detector, instruction manual, and batteries.)



Input power: Two 9V batteries

Accuracy*: +/-10%

Ranges (4): 19.99 µW, 199.9 µW, 1.999mW, 19.99 mW

Temperature: 10 to 30 deg. C


Detector active area: 1 cm2

Wavelength sensitivity: 450 to 950 nm

Maximum optical input: 100 mW


Control/Display Unit: 16 x 9.5 x 6.5cm

Detector Assembly/Stand: 16.5 x 5cm

Weight: 750 grams

* Calibrated at 632.8 nanometers

IF-PM: Digital Photometer: (Optical Power Meter)
IF-PM200: Optional Range Model: 199µW, 1.999mW, 19.99mW, and 199.98mW

A versatile and economical classroom tool for measuring power levels of laser beams, and demodulating optical signals for audio applications and solar experiments. Photometers are essential equipment in any principles-of-technology or in-school research program. The battery power, portability and adjustable height detector of this model offer particular flexibility.

The photometer is powered by two standard 9-volt batteries and offers four digital measurement scales from 20 microwatts through 20 milliwatts. Output to two industry-standard banana jacks is a conditioned electrical voltage that is directliy proportional to light incident upon the photodetector with a frequency range up to 10kHz. (The analog output can be connected to a strip chart recorder for solar monitoring, to an oscilloscope for observing time-dependent optical signals, or to an amplified speaker for voice transmission.) The photometer also will act as an audio receiver to demodulate laser signals, which are also output to industry-standard banana jacks.


Large easy-to-read digital display

Four measurement scales from 20 microwatts tyo 20 milliwatts

Large active area detector

Sensitive to visible and IR light

Battery loperation for portability (100-plus hours operation)

Momentary switch for long battery life

Adjustable detector height

Impact resistant enclosure

All solid-state detector and electronic design


IF-140021: Class II Laser Safety Sign
IF-140020: Class IIIa Laser Safety Sign


IF-551: Cylindrical Lens Set

High quality acrylic lenses designed for use with the Laser Ray Box. Specially formulated material allows the visualization of laser beams traveling through optical element. Allows the direct observation of refraction, Fresnel Reflections and internal reflection within the optical element itself. Set includes four 20mm thick optical elements listed below:

Double convex, 50mm, focal length 50mm

Double convex, 76mm, focal length 10mm

Right Angle Prism, 70mm on oblique side

Rectangular Block, 70mm x 28 mm


IF-XYP: X-Y Pattern Generator

The X-Y Laser Pattern Generator is the creative educational vehicle to captivate student interest in the dynamic world of laser technology. When used with any laser, this device creates endless combinations of patterns and shapes, similar to those created for large and expensive laser light threatrical presentations.


Create students' own laser light shows

Dynamically contrast stereo and mono audio sounds

Mimic the use of laser beams in cutting applications

Meet the special lighting needs of small theaters

Demonstrate laser beam control with motors and mirrors

Create infinite numbers of "Lissajous" and quadrature patterns

The generator is housed in a see-through cool-blue acrylic case for easy viewing and alignment, and can be used in conjunction with any HeNe, diode or visible light laser. Laser light patterns can be generated with either the internal electronics or patched to an audio signal to create light images from sound.

(Pattern Generator comes with control head, 110Vac-to-12Vdc power adapter and operator's manual. An external lasting source is required).


IF-BS: Rotating Beam Scanner

Lasers are widely used in industrial leveling and commercial bar code scanning applications (in conjunction with rotating mirrors and motors). Now with the Rotating Beam Scanner and any visible-light producing laser, you can replicate an equipment configuration which uses laser technology in these applications. Your expenditure will be a tiny fraction of the cost of "industrial strength" models.

The Rotating Beam Scanner projects a straight "light" line from the laser beam by reflecting it off a rapidly spinning metal polygon. The scan pattern is 90 degrees in extent and is created by the 8-sided polygon mounted on the shaft of a precision ball-bearing motor. This polygon is the latest in optical fabrication technology, consisting of eight diamond-turned surfaces coated with a layer of high-reflectivity gold, just like those in the high-price range. The beam scanner has a low- and high-speed selection switch for versatility and is powered by any DC power source from 8 to 18V. Overall beam scanner dimensions are 11 x 9 x 9 cm.

(Scanner comes complete and ready to use, including polygon and motor in a clear acrylic case, 110 Vac -to-dc power adapter and set-up/operating instructions).


IF-LBS1: Laser Beam Stop: 3 x 4 in. upright beam stop

An inexpensive apparatus for ensuring and practicing safe laser usage in the classroom. The apparatus acts as a diffuse surface to avoid any specular reflections. One side is matte white for maximum visibility and the other side is matte black for maximum absorption. Applicable to all Class II, IIIa and IIIb laser beams. Acrylic base with rubber feet for stability and adhesion.


IF-PWC-L: Photonics Wall Chart

The Photonics Wall Chart is the perfect visual aid for easily and accurately studying the characteristics of lasers, opto-electronics, and light. In four vibrant colors it portrays:

The linear full-color visible light spectrum

Commercial laser emission spectra

A chart of the complete photonic electromagnetic spectrum

Photodetector spectrum detection ranges

Laminated in heavy plastic for durability, this is a superb complement to any science class or laser curriculum. Dimensions are 56 x 82.5cm (22 x 32 in.).

IF-584: Fiber Optic Rod

A specially formulated acrylic waveguide for demonstrating the basics of fiber optics when used with a visibile light laser. To illustrate, merely align the end of the rod at an angle and watch the laser light rays "bouncing" down the acrylic bar. Ideal for inexpensive but dramatic demonstrations of Snell's Law and total internal reflection in action.

IF-548: Light Ray Viewing Kit
IF-549: with .5mW Helium Neon Laser
IF-850008: 4 additional ounces Scattering Solution

The Light Ray Viewing Kit is a small "liquid laboratory." When used with any of our lasers it creates underwater light ray patterns and diagrams that constitute the basics of all introductory optic studies. In a complementary series of activities in the accompanying instruction guide, students can observe, and more readily understand, principles and equations such as:

Snell's Law

Total internal reflection

Equal angles of incidence and reflection

Brewster's Angle

Determining critical angle

Set-up for each experiment requires less than five minutes and costs only a few pennies. ("Just add water!") Project equipment includes impact-resistant observation tank; four ounces of scattering solution; first-surface mirror; stirring rod; ruler; protractor; and eight full-color instruction guides. Suitable for grades 6 and above.


IF-LFA: Laser-to-Fiber Adapter w/Fiber

With lasers and fiber optics classes frequently being taught together, it is often desirable to direct light from a laser beam into an optical fiber. With this component, mating optical fibers to the standard optical mounts of many educational helium neon (HeNe) and diode lasers (Industrial Fiber Optics, Laser Master, Metrologic, Scientific Laser Connection) is easy. Threads on the fiber adapter are 32 threads per inch and 3/4-in. in diameter. Included: 1.5 meters of unjacketed 2000µm core plastic fiber with factory-tooled and polished termination.

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