Laser Projects

Laser Speed of Light/Receiver Project

This project, in several individual experiments, demonstrates a laser's unique ability to perform a variety ot tests with deceptive ease. Included:

Measuring the speed of light

Transmitting and receiving audible signals using light as the transport medium

Transmitting and detecting black-and-white video signals using light.

Included in the kit are a .8 mW diode laser, optical beam splitter, first-surface mirror, converging lens, optics mounts, microphone, electronic control/receiver box with 2-channel receiver and 1MHz oscillator, 100 Vac-to-dc power adapter, optics table and step-by-step instruction book. Not included but required for operation are a modulated laser, video camera and monitor and a dual-channel 40MHz oscilloscope. We will substitute 200 Vac adapters upon request.

IF-546: Complete Kit with Laser

IF-LSL-1: Receiver & Accessories

IF-LSL-SA1: Two-Channel Receiver with Power Adapter
(will replace battery-powered Metrologic receivers)

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