Optic Bench Components

IF-600: Optic Bench System

A durable and economical optical bench system in the laser and fiber optics product line. Designed for classroom use, the bench is easy to set up and requires little or no training, making students' laboratory time more productive. The optical bench comes complete with accessories for performing a multitude of optical and laser experiments. The rail and all mounting structures are metal, for durability and long life in the educational setting. More accessories are available to enhance capabilities, as are replacement components. The bench includes mounts that permit use with most lasers, light sources, mirrors, lenses, gratings, and filters. Set includes;

1-meter rail

Leveling base with rubber mounting feet

Adjustable laser holder

Heavy-duty pin carrier

2 optical ring mounts

Adjustable mirror mount

3 pin carriers with 60mm pins

First surface mirror

Replacement Component

IF-601: Optical Rails-1 meter rail

Rails are solid extruded aluminum for rigidity and long life. Surfaces are treated with a matte black Type II anodizing to minimize optical specular reflections and harden the surface for extended wear. Guaranteed straight within 1 mm per meter. Does not include leveling base set.

IF-603: Leveling Base Set-Leveling hardware and rubber mounting feet
IF-603: Leveling Base Set-Vibration-reducing mount set

IF-605: Pin Carriers-30 mm standard carrier base
IF-606: Pin Carriers-60 mm wide carrier
IF-607: Pin Carriers-90 mm extra-wide carrier for heavy loads

Pin carriers come in three widths. They are machined from solid aluminum and coated with a matte bronze Type II anodizing for durability, and to reduce specular reflections. Each pin carrier includes an adjustment screw and 60 mm long stainless steel pin.

IF-608: Mounting Pin Sets-Set of three stainless steel, 60 mm lens
IF-609: Mounting Pin Sets-Set of three stainless steel, 90 mm lens

IF-612: Mirror Holder

Consists of a 75 mm square mounting plate, holder, and 60 mm mounting pin. The mounting plate can be rotated 360 degrees around the horizontal and vertical axis. Composed of steel, allowing mirrors to be magnetically attached when they have magnetic material on the rear surface.

IF-250015: Magnetic Strip

Adhesive-backed magnetic material. Apply to mirrors and other optical elements fro mounting to mirror holder. Order quantity is inches.

IF-613: First (Front) Surface Mirror

Useful for introductory optical experiments, when surface flatness is not critical.

IF-614: Ring Holder

A rotating holder that supports any optical or mechanical element from 6 to 50 mm in diameter. Includes three adjustable brass screws with cushioned ends.

IF-615: Brass Screws

Set of three brass screws with cushioned ends for ring holder.

IF-616: Laser Holder

Holder measures 560 mm x 60 mm and tilts +/-10 degrees. A thumbscrew provides fine adjustment for tilting lasers or other optical sources during experiments. Base of holder is machined from steel for rigidity and long life.

IF-617: Tripod

1.3 m lightweight tripod with 3-way pan head, center column lock and geared elevator crank. Folds to 56 cm and weighs 9 kg.

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