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Fiber couplers, or splitters, are special fiber optic devices with one or more input fibers for distributing optical signals into two or more output fibers. The optical light is passively split into multiple output signals (fibers), each containing light with properties identical to the original except for reduced amplitude. Because the splitter is a passive device it is immune to EMI, consumes no electrical power and does not add noise to system design. The splitter's passive design is bi-directional and operationally independent of wavelength, constrained only by the physical properties of the PMMA fiber core.

Fiber couplers have input and output configurations defined as M X N. M is the number of input ports and is one or greater. N is the number of output ports and is always equal to or greater than M. When there are multiple inputs, output signals are always a combination of the input signals--a coupler can also be considered a combiner.

Fiber optic couplers or splitters are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to split or combine light with minimal loss. All couplers are manufactured using a very simple proprietary process that produces reliable, low-cost devices. They are physically rugged and insensitive to operating temperatures. Couplers can be fabricated in custom fiber lengths and/or with terminations of any type.


Light, Compact Design

Standard Jacketed 1000 µm Core Plastic Fiber Cable

High Isolation

Light-Tight Stainless Steel Housing

Low Loss

Excellent Temperature Stability

Visible and IR Light-Compatible

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