Fiber Optic Cutting Tools

IF-FC1: Professional Fiber Cutter

This fiber cutter produces precise cuts and fiber ends that exceed quality which can be obtained with other cutting tools, plus it is many times faster than polishing. It is very easy to use--insert the fiber and press down on the blade. This device also uses standard single-edge razor blades which are replaced by removing a single screw. Each blade is good for at least 50 cuts of the simplex communication fiber, which puts your per-cut cost at about .2 cents.

The fiber cutter features six different apertures for cutting the most popular sizes of fiber such as:

.75 and 1.0 mm simplex and duplex jacketed fibers

.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 mm bare fibers

16-, 32-, 48- and 64-fiber light guides

In addition, this fiber cutter splits 1000 µm core duplex fiber jacket precisely down the middle during insertion, eliminating one step and the risk of nicking the fiber cladding.

IF-FC1-RP1: Package of 100 Replacement Blades
"Extra KEEN" razor blades, and instruction guide with aperture and fiber selection chart.

IF-FC1: Aluminum Cutter Body
The aluminum cutter body is precisely machined to securely hold fiber and blades at right angles for ideal cuts. The aluminum body features a bright blue anodized coating for durability. Comes complete with fiber cutter body, five "Extra KEEN" razor blades, and instruction guide with aperture and fiber selection chart.

IF-FC1-RP2: Standard-edge razor blades (pkg. of 100)
Standard-edge razor blades are suggested for cutting 2 mm diameter and above bare fibers and for extra-long use.


IF-FC2: Disposable Fiber Cutter

This versatile, inexpensive and easy-to-use fiber cutter complements our professional model shown above. The cutter features apertures for cutting fiber such as:

.750 and 1000µm simple and duplex jacket fibers

.750 and 1000µm bare fibers

16-fiber light guides

A perfect tool for installations where a technician may need to make only a few terminations, then go quickly on to another job.

IF-370011: Hot Knives

An inexpensive tool for producing clean cuts through plastic fiber of all types and diameters as an alternative to polishing. Used like a soldering iron or wood burning tool. the 25-watt heating element plugs into a standard 110 Vac 3-prong outlet and has 4-foot cord. Replacement blades are standard X-ACTO® type. Suitable for fiber diameters up to 1.5 mm.


60-Watt Heavy Duty Hot Knife with brass cutting edge. Suitable for solid core fiber 2.0 mm and larger.

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