Device Mounts & Connectors

IF-420090: Fiber Splice
IF-400010: Index-Matching Gel

A permanent crimp-type splice for all jacketed 1.0 mm core fiber optic cable with an outside diameter of 2.2 mm. Overall length of the splice is 25.4 mm. Crimps with the IF-370045 crimping tool. Can be used with or without index-matching gel.

IF-C-S2; IF-C-S3; IF-C-S4:
Ferrule-Less Connector

This multi-purpose connector is an expansion of our highly successful LED and photodetector product designs for jacketed 1 mm core plastic fiber. It utilizes the same cinch nuts, alignment principles and no-fuss fiber terminations to quickly handle the three most common requirements for joining two fiber lengths:

Replacing damaged fiber segments

Combining two different fiber lengths

Bulkhead or patch panel connections

The connector can be used with index-matching gel, for reducing Fresnel reflection losses, or without gel for quick and easy connections. The IF-C-S2 version comes without a jam nut for basic fiber splicing while the IF-C-S3 version includes a jam nut for bulkhead and panel mounts. The IF-C-S4 version does not require that the jacket be stripped, making it a direct replacement for the now obsolete IF-C-S1.

IF-820050: ST® Active Device Mount

Low-profile ST device mount for multi-mode plastic or glass fiber cable. Accepts OT-18, TO-46, and TO-52 active device package styles. Body is nickel-plated, die-cast zinc for EMI/RFI shielding and protecting sensitive electro-optical components. Mounts to PCB with two 2-26 SAE screws.

IF-820063: ST® Mating Sleeve

Multi-mode nickel-plated metal mating housing for mating ST connectors. Bronze alignment sleeve.

DNP Components

AMP dry, non-polish (DNP) optical fiber terminations and device mounts are a proven line of products very popular for use with 1000 µm jacketed simplex and duplex plastic fiber. Listed below are the most commonly used DNP components in the AMP line for replacement components that are stocked for our IF-LMH and IF-SD11 products and for OEM use.

Description Stock No.
Single-position plug assembly 228087-1
Dual-position plug assembly 228088-1
Single-position bulkhead receptacle 228042-1
Dual-position bulkhead receptacle 228045-1
Device mount 228043-1
Device mount 228709-1
Retention 228046-1
Splice 228051-1

Ferruled Connectors

Durable low-cost connectors with metal housing and hard stainless alloy ferrule. The connector's fiber ferrule crimps directly on the cable fiber jacket, eliminating cable pull away from the connector. Supplied with a 3 mm boot.

Ferrule Fiber Size Typical
Stock No. Crimp Tool
SR® Stainless 1 mm .5 dB IF-C-ST IF-370045
905 SMA Stainless 1 mm .7 dB IF-C-SMA IF-370046
®ST is a registered trademark of AT&

IF-400005: PMMA Fiber Epoxy

Bonding to the unique structure of PMMA plastic fiber core is difficult, so a special epoxy is called for. IFO has prepared a special epoxy that adheres well to the fluoropolymer cladding and to all jacket materials, plus does not embrittle the PMMA fiber core. IFO's epoxy comes in 4 gram A-packs which allows for quick mixing inside a 2-part pouch.

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