Fiber Optic Tools

Operator's manual available.

IF-FOM: Fiber Optic Test Set

A versatile and rugged fiber optic test instrument specifically designed for use with plastic optical fiber. It features capabilities for:

Performing fiber continuity checks

Measuring fiber output power

Calibrating and screening detectors

Measuring LED power

Measuring fiber attenuation

The Fiber Optic Test Set uses a silicon photodetector to measure optical power, which is calibrated at the two most commonly used wavelengths in plastic fiber--660 (red) and 850 (infrared) nanometers. Optical power upon the photodetector is displayed in an easy-to-read 3-1/2 LCD display that can be set in four different power ranges: 20 µW, 200 µW, 2 mW and 20 mW. The test set includes a 660 nm LED for fiber attenuation measurements, activated by a separate switch with automatic turn-off circuitry to save battery life.

The detector and LED are both housed in industry-standard ST® female input connectors. The connectors permit measurements with any plastic fiber in an ST male connector or connector-less fiber with an outer diameter of 2.5 mm or less.

This meter is inexpensive enough for classroom budgets, yet offers the range, features an durability required for industrial applications.

The Test Set comes with two 9-volt batteries, sturdy storage container, test cable and easy-to-read full-color instruction manual.


Operator's manual available.

IF-TK4: POF Fiber Optic Tool Kit

This recent addition to our product line meets a simple, yet long-neglected need for POF. In a compact and easily stored kit, you'll find all the tools you need to work with all plastic optical fibers and termination types:

Jacketed and unjacketed

Diameters ranging from .25 to 3 mm

Single strands or multi-fiber bundles

Polishing, simple cutting or hot knife terminations

Connector-less or connectorized

Kit contains fiber optic stripper, hot knife, professional fiber cutter, water dispenser, glass polishing plate, 2000 grit and 3 µm polishing film, replacement blades, ST® fiber polishing puck, rugged storage container and full-color procedure guide.


Polishing Pucks

IF-370041: Plastic Polishing Puck for ST®

Polishing disks for terminating POF fiber connections. The plastic disk is light weight and low in cost. Limited to approximately 50 polishes.


Generic polishing puck with .75 mm hole that can be drilled to any diameter up to 8 mm. Suitable for POF of all types and diameters.

IF-370042: Metal ST® Polishing Puck
IF-370043: Meta SMA Polishing Puck

The metal disk is slightly more in cost, but is also more durable and capable of performing 1000+ polishes.

IF-370050: Inspection Microscope

Now available is the IFO Universal Microscope. Insert any 2.5 mm fiber ferrule into the microscope, turn on the light and inspect the end surface with ease. The microscope is provided with an ST®, FC and SC universal faceplate. It is perfect for all multimode plastic and glass fiber, plus it is easy to use. An exceptional value.


Crimping Tools


Fiber optic connectors call for precision crimping to attach their sleeves to the fiber cable for maximum strength. Crimp tool with dies to precisely assemble our low-cost ST fiber connection and Versalink® fiber connectors fiber splices to the 2.2 mm outside diameter jacket on standard communications plastic fiber cable. Tool die has four crimp slots (inches): .128 hex, .141 round, .151 hex and .190 hex.
Versalink® is a registered trademark of Agilent.


SMA Crimp Tool for crimping IFO SMA Connectors to 2.2 mm jacketed POF fiber.

Micro-Strip® Stripping Tools

Micro-Strip tools strips 2.2 mm jacketed fiber with a 1 mm core quickly and easily. Convenient fiber stripping tool contains standard handles with 1 mm cutter blade sets and 2.2 mm fiber guides.

IF-370075: Complete Tool
IF-370050: Replacement Blades

Micro-Strip tools can be fitted for other fiber core/cladding or jacket diameters as you specify.

IF-370060: Polishing Slurry

4 oz. of special formulated liquid to improve fiber polish and extend the life of polishing films, reduce polishing time.

IF-C-PK: Fiber Polishing Kit

Specifically formulated to ensure precise polishing of plastic fiber tips. Contains full instrructions with diagrams and two sheets 10 x 14 cm of 2000-grit and 3 µm polishing film.


IF-850050: Infrared Detection Cards

Now available are indicator cards for converting 850 to 940 nm infrared light to the visible spectrum. You will be able to visually detect the presence of infrared light when it is shined on the active area of the card. Ideal for testing/verifying operation of IF-E91 IR devices. Active area is 2.54 x 2.54 cm.


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