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Adding to our highly successful communication LED and photodetector products, IFO has created a series of LEDs for fiber optic illumination. Easy to use and utilizing solid-state technology, this product line offers alternatives to fragile and bulky bulb-type illuminators or low optical irradiance LED technology. Unlike other illumination products, these LEDs were designed from the clip-level for use as a fiber optic illumination light source.

The LEDs use the same "no-connector required" approach as our communications devices, and require no fiber ferrule to be crimped or epoxied onto the fiber bundle. This enables quick and easy application and field installation. The LEDs can be used with large solid-core fibers or multi-fiber bundles (plastic or glass), in diameters ranging from 1 to 3 mm.

The internal construction of the LEDs is optimized to direct as much optical energy into optical fibers or bundles as possible. The series was designed specifically for fiber optic applications, and is not a makeover or repackaging of a general illumination device. Incorporating built-in heat sinks, they are convenient to use and easy to install, requiring little or no training and few tools.

The fiber optic LEDs are available as blue, green, amber, red and white light-producing devices. Graphs of the spectrum for each device are shown on the following page. Devices with two monochromatic colors within one package can be fabricated.


Solid State Reliability

50,000 Hour Life

High Efficiency

Unaffected by Shock and Vibration

Low Voltage and Low Current Operation

Usable with Large Solid Core Fibers and Multiple Fiber Bundles

Suitable for Glass or Plastic Optical Fiber

Integrated Heat Sink for Thermal Management

No Custom Fabricating or Epoxying or Ferrules Required

No Color Shift with Reduced Light Intensity

Adaptable to Multiple Fiber (Bundle) Diameters

Design Process
To complete an illumination or sensing design application, follow five steps:

Pick color of LED

Determine fiber diameter and LED drive levels from illumination requirements

Select the stock number of the fiber bushing

Design electronic drive circuit to power LED

Order components


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