POF Image Guide

Photograph showing a short image guide and image transmitting feature.

The POF Image Guide is a solid rod composed of thousands of individual plastic optical fibers. The fibers are bonded as a single optical element for transmitting an image from one end of the rod to the other. All images transmitted through the rods retain their original spatial properties. Fiber optic image guides are also sometimes called coherent fiber bundles as opposed to non-coherent fiber bundles that transfer light, but no optical spatial properties.

POF image guides differ from their glass fiber counterparts in that they can be bent to a certain extent without fracturing and breaking. Although not as bendable as an individual fiber, they do possess varying degrees of flexibility, depending on the bundle's overall diameter. See bending radius details in the table below.

ESS offers image guides constructed of acrylic and polystyrene optical core materials. Acrylic cores demonstrate better optical transmission capability and bending properties, but are more expensive. Polystyrene cores are lower priced and have lower optical transmission ability, but nonetheless are entirely adequate for many applications.

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