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Scintillating/Fluorescent Fibers

Scintillating and fluorescent fibers appear visually the same, but they act differently when exposed to high energy particles. Scintillating fibers are made with a fiber core material to produce photons in the visible range when high-energy particles pass through the core material. Application for scintillating fibers include:


Cosmic Ray telescopes

Flow cells

Neutron imaging

Particle discrimination

Although fluorescent fiber looks the same to the human eye, it does not absorb high energy particles such as gamma rays. It obtains its energy to fluoresce from UV or blue light. These fibers are sometimes called "wavelength shifters" because they absorb short wavelength energy, and emit it in a longer wavelength region. The optical energy (light) emitted is narrow wavelength, vivid and bright.

All fiber listed on this page is fluorescent fiber. Applications for these fibers include:

Sights for rifles, shotguns and bows

Decorative displays

The optical core of this fiber can be either polystyrene (which is lower cost) or acrylic (higher cost but with more resistance to UV light for outdoor applications).

This optical fiber is easily cut and can be finished like other plastic fiber. Most common items are available in red, green, amber, and blue fluorescent colors. (Other fiber colors and diameters such as orange, yellow, purple, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 mm diameter are avaiilable upon special request.)

IF-585: Sample kit of 1 meter (minimum) or red, green, orange, amber, yellow, blue and purplse fluorescent fiber 1 mm in diameter.

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