Prisms, Lenses & Mirrors

IF-PA: Prism Assortment

Three assorted-size high-quality glass prisms. Excellent and for many optical experiments. Kits include right-angle, dove, equilateral and pentra prisms. No two assortments are identical.

IF-587: Ground Glass Plates

Ground glass is thin plate glass, the surface of which has been physically ground or acid-etched to create a grainy, grayish, opaque surface. Use it to produce an image from a lens or lens system. Even a sipmle magnifier, held betwteen the ground glass and, say, a window, will produce an image of the window scene on the ground glass. Ground glass has another magical property; it is opaque to any object viewed at a distance, but not if that object is in direct contact with the glass surface. A necessary element for your optical tool box 50 mm sq x .75 mm thick. Set of 2.

410226: Index of Refraction Block

Demonstrate how light is bent as it passes from air (low refractive index) into an acrylic block (higher refractive index). Specially formulated plastic highlights light beams as they bend and pass through. An inexpensive and dramatic way to visualize refracdtive indices, plus, this block can be used for critical angle reflection demonstrations. Can be used with any laser, light ray box or laser pointer. Unbreakable. 17 x 28 x 70 mm in size.

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