Solid State Lab Light Sources

IF-626: LED Additive Color Mixer

This color mixer is all you need to vividly demonstrate additive color mixing or other color related phenomena. Based on LED semiconductor technology, this color mixer directly produces the three red, green, and blue primary light colors with powerful array of semiconductor die. No filters or gels are needed to indirectly create red, green, or blue primary colors light from a white light source. No bulb to burn out or glass filters to break. With this color mixer you can produce nearly the complete spectrum of light in varying degrees of intensity. The ligth emitted from the array of three primary-light producing dies are slightly offset to demonstrate the effect of color mixing and blending. although this was not intended as a toy, children have been known to amuse themselves for hours in creating different colors and patterns.

Ruggedly constructed metal chassis, solid-state LED control circuitry and semiconductor red, green, and blue LEDs create a light source that is durable and reliable as no other. Includes exterior mount of adding subtractive color filters for further studies.

Left: Spectral scan of three light sources.

The light intensity of each primary color can be varied independently with a potentiometer on teh rear of the chassis without causing a color shift (change in light temperature) to itself or other two primary colors. Chassis measures 12 x 12 x 8 cm and is powered by a 110 Vac to Vdc power adapter. Mixer consumes less than 15W at full power because of efficient semiconductor technology. Equivalent to 35W halogen light with color wheel installed. LED array is rated for 10,000 hours at full power. A valuable tool for any physics lab, whether used as a light source for scientific study or a project tool with which students can study and analyze color.

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